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Vertical Albums at Economical Prices

The Tulip albums have a book style vertical layout. These albums are cost –effective way to showcase your memories to the world.

Each individual page can be designed as per your choice thus giving you more designs per album.
Besides, this the flat opening of the album provides good view of the photos. The Tulips photographic prints offers more reality to your photos.

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  • 100% lay flat Opening guaranteed.
  • Possibility of Including more pages in single album bind (size up to 110 pages i.e. 55 spreads)
  • Photographic Prints offer more Reality & Clarity to images.


8 x 12, 10 x 12, 10 x 14
12 x 14, 12 x 15 12 x 18


Minimum Pages : 16
Maximum Pages : 100

Type of Finishes

  • Glossy
  • Matt
  • Pearl
  • Metallic
  • Silk

Maple Finishes

Tulip Finishes

The Maple album is available is many finishes giving you ample of choice to select.All Finishes are available through type of Kodak papers used for printing.

  • Glossy
  • Matt
  • Metallic
    • Striking, distinctive metallic eye-catching look
    • Increased color gamut for rich impact and intense blacks to enhance print appeal
    • Optimized for digital printing
    • Exceptional sharpness
    • State-of-the-art image stability

Cover Pad

  • Digital Pad
  • Handmade Pad
  • Leather Pad

More Info

Although the pages of the album are beautifully designed, but the entire look of the album comes with a beautifully crafted cover pad.
We give you choice of different pads for your photobook albums.

  • Photo pads: Printed on self adhesive paper and coated in varieties  like Matte, Gloss and Texture finish.
  • Leather Pad : This leather pad cover gives the elegant look and feel.A sure winner at first sight
  • Handmade Pad : Offer your clients, album as unique as them. This specially hand crafted cover pad for album is personalised by creative artists.
    A great thing about the handmade pads are that no pads are of similar kind, each pad is unique.


Available Accessories

Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

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Terms & Conditions

  • Acrylic Pad Rs. 1000/- (12×24 / 12×30 / 12×36)
  • 3D Handmade Pad Rs. 100/- extra
  • 3D Lamination Pad / Glitter Lamination Pad Rs. 100/-
  • First Page Leather Print Rs. 300/- (12×30 / 12×36)
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