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Bridal MakeUp Kit- To Add Beauty To The Bridal Look

Posted by Deeksha in Bridal Makeup Kit, Weddings 30 Sep 2015

Wedding day is an important and very special day in girl life. Her wedding day brings forth a woman’s desire to look like a princess for a day. Make-up is an essential part of bridal Solah Shrigar. Bridal make-up add beauty to the bridal look. Achieving a flawless bridal beauty look starts with what kind of makeup you use. To put your best face forward, upgrade your makeup bag/kit well before the big day.

To help you find the best cosmetics for your wedding-day look and beyond, here is a complete list of all the products you would require to create those effortless looks.

Use the engagement period to create A Canvas

A woman should begin a daily beauty routine such as gentle cleansing, exfoliating and drinking water. Ideally, she should begin on the day of her engagement. These three practices best provides smooth, glowing skin that serves as a wonderful canvas on which to apply makeup.


This simple first step locks makeup in place. It provides easier application and longer endurance of foundation, it obsorbs oil and prevents foundation from becoming cakey.

Liquid Foundation

Evens skin tones and gives a smooth palette to begin applying other products. Too much glow can look shiny in photos. Try a matte foundation to stay picture-perfect all day. Brides with very fair complexions can choose foundation with a hint of pink. Use cosmetic sponge to apply liquid foundation.


Use it to diffuse your base for a natural finish. Sponge provide lighter. More even coverage than do fingers and do not leave lines from fingerprints in the finished face.


It gives light coverage for dark circles plus radiance to brighten. It is applied to hide blemishes, sores, bags and other marks on the face. Choose oil-free concealer with a slihtly yellow tone to cover red spots, pimples, or broken capillars on the face. Choose a richer, creamier concealer with a peachy tinge for the skin beneath the eyes.

Shimmery Pencil

Smudge it on the inner corners of your eyes to add subtle sparkle.

Lip Liner

Put it on before lipstick for more staying power.

Pressed Powder

Get an oil-free T-zone without cakiness.

Bottom-Lash Mascara

Softly darken your lower lashes for an extra hit of definition.


Brush it on the apples of your cheeks, and dust highlighting powder right on top. Adds dimension to your face and can add a youthful or sun-kissed look.

Satin-Finish Lipstick

You can’t go wrong with a classic soft pink or peachy coral.

Blotting Papers

For on-the-go de-shining, these babies work like a charm.


It is used on the edges of your eyelids closest to your eyes and just below the eyes. An eyeliner pencil works adequately for bridal makeup. Cake eyeliner works better and lasts longer than a pencil, but it requires practice if it has not before been used.


Applied with a brush, a “cake” formula looks soft and pretty. There are various essential brushes as well as soft synthetic brushes available for beauty make-up such as

  • Foundation & Concealer brush/ sponge
  • Powder/ blusher/ bronzer brush
  • Powder puff or cotton wool pad/ sponge
  • Eyebrow comb/ brushFlat eye shadow brush
  • Pointed tip, fluffy eye shadow brush
  • Eyeliner brush or angular brush
  • Eyelash curlers


Lush lashes ensure your eyes stand out in photos. Unless a bride wants to use false eyelashes, mascara ranks high on the bridal makeup list. Long, dark and thick lashes create a beautiful frame that accentuates eyes and turns them into a lovely focal point.

Whitening Teeth

Bleaching kits and strips make whitening teeth at home an easy task and often produce whiter teeth in a short time. Take a advantage of the ease that home bleaching kits offer for a whiter, brighter smile on the big day.

Bridal makeup need not be the priciest on the market, but it should be oil free and long lasting when possible. A bride puts her best face forward when she uses makeup merely to enhance and accentuate her own, natural loveliness.