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Candid Wedding Photography- holding spontaneous moments of ceremonies

Posted by Deeksha in Life, Post Wedding, Wedding Photography, Weddings 13 Jul 2015

Wedding photography captures all sort of formal photos of wedding rituals, friends groups, family groups photos and other ceremonial photos. Candid photography captures the real or natural expressions of the subject in purest form. It is unique style of photography in which photographs are captured through motions, mostly without creating posed appearance i.e., catching on very fast and becoming more popular in both casual photography and formal photography.

Candid photography focuses on spontaneity rather than technique. Candid are images that holds the real moments, personality and emotions of the subject. Often the best moments are the ones that the photographer should not miss to surreptitiously capture such as a shy smile, a naughty wink, a no holds barred laugh, etc. “Timing is everything” for best candid shots.

Stepping way from traditional style of wedding photography, brides & grooms now wish for exclusive & unique wedding pictures that they can adore for life. Therefore candid photography increasingly gaining popularity among brides and groom’s as it is an absolutely dramatic way of capturing a special wedding day with lot of things happening so fast.

Introducing digital cameras has made it easier to take photographs in low light conditions without flash allowing for clean, saturated images in even dim light. Camera equipment is usually small in size preferred for candid photography to avoid any disturbance to the subject.

You will be astonished to see candid photos that how close they are in real life, if clicked at the right time.

Nevertheless a lot of planning and thoughts goes into these pictures. The photographer’s observant eye took every detail. Capturing candid wedding photographs is an art in itself, requiring much more of the photographer than simply knowing how to use the equipment.

Candid wedding photography is one of the gratifying & fascinating styles of capturing the spontaneous moments and grab those perfect snapshots at the right time. In short, Candid photography presents the warm & loving moments as well as the moments of laughter & fun which are fantastic realistic account of  life experience.