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ENGAGEMENT RING – A Symbol of Lifelong Commitment To Be Together

Posted by Deeksha in Engagement, Pre Wedding 22 Jun 2015

Engagement ring personify the promise of marriage. It is a symbol of the commitment to be together as one in a lifelong relationship as husband & wife. Engagement rings are made of diamonds or other gemstones, which is mostly worn by women.




he woman’s ring is bestowed as an engagement gift by a man to his prospective spouse while he proposes marriage or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal. Many people feel that the engagement & the offering of an engagement ring to woman is extremely significant. In some cultures men and women wear matching rings, where as in some cultures, engagement ring are also used as wedding rings.


ngagement ring has to worn in forth finger of the left hand because it is believed that the forth finger contained the vena amoris or vein of love & that this vein connected directly to the heart, thus the wedded couple considered to be “joined at the heart”.

Engagement rings are available in variety of metals, sizes, shapes, designs.

Gold & platinum are often preferred for engagement rings, but common metal such as silver, titanium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, etc. are also used for engagement rings.

Engagement rings are available in various shapes, styles & cuts like cushion-cut, round, oval, pave, heart, princess (square), asscher, emarald, pear, radiant, marquise, etc.

Engagement ring isn’t indicates love, it’s more than the lifelong commitment and engagement itself. It is a beautiful & precious thing to gift a woman.